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Small Business Month

Our Customers Say it Best!

Adam Quinn DUNKIN’ Independent Franchise Owner

My franchise runs on StonehamBank. StonehamBank continues to be a reliable partner for my DUNKIN’ franchises. For over 9 years, even during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, my StonehamBank Commercial Lender has provided personalized service with Construction Financing, PPP Loans, and Franchise Remodel Loans. StonehamBank has a people-first approach and always prioritizes my needs which allows my business to serve our customers at the highest level.

John Kelley , Pinecrest Realty

My company Pinecrest Realty Ventures and I wouldn’t be where we are without all the help and assistance we have received from StonehamBank. I have always been interested in real estate and in 2018 I bought my first foreclosure. Even though I had never flipped a house before, StonehamBank was happy to step in and lend me the money to purchase and rehab a property on Pinecrest Road in Saugus (that is where Pinecrest Realty Ventures was born). With their backing I was able to more than double my volume every year from $350,000 in 2018 to $900,000 in 2019 to just over $1,800,000 in 2020. As my company has grown StonehamBank has continued to make it possible. We have already sold a house in Stoneham, have one almost completed in Saugus and will begin to work on one in Wakefield later this month. Our present projection is to do approximately $3,500,000 this year.

With all the restrictions due to the Covid pandemic, foreclosure auctions are virtually non-existent. We have had to change our strategy and go out to the MLS market. We search out homes that need not only rehab but vision to change the footprint allowing us to maximize the value. Our edge is we can offer less money than others but by waiving inspection and financing clauses our offers are more appealing than traditional buyers. We can do this because of our relationship with all the people at StonehamBank. From the tellers on the floor to the managers and loan officers all the way up to the CEO Ed Doherty, everyone is always professional, efficient and happy to help. It is a pleasure to do business with a local bank that supports the local small businesses.

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