Other Scams

Mail Theft

Mail theft occurs when someone illegally intercepts your mail. Their intent is to get personal information, such as account numbers, social security number, credit card numbers, etc. They then use this information to commit identity theft. If you have reason to believe your mail has been stolen, contact your local post office or your local postal inspector.

Lottery/Sweepstake/International Scams

Lottery, Sweepstake and International scams involve unsolicited letters and emails that individuals and companies receive offering the recipient large sums of money for assistance in transferring millions of dollars to American banks. They offer recipients a percentage of the money transferred as compensation for their help. Individuals / companies who respond are asked to provide their account information in order to have the money transferred to them. Once you compromise your account information, not only do you never receive the promised funds, fraudsters will utilize your account information to steal your money. These offers are often originated out of the country.

The Secret Service, which handles complaints related to these types of schemes, believes many people have responded to these requests for assistance and sent money, but have not reported their losses due to embarrassment.

Please keep in mind, there is NO legitimate reason for someone to give you money (in any form, including money order, check or wire transfer) only to ask you to send the money back. It’s illegal for a company to require you to buy something or pay a fee in order to win or claim a prize. Should you receive one of these letters, please do not reply, but report the letter to or 1-888-402-BANK (2265).

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