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Bringing video banking to you.

Video banking that goes where you go.

Want to bank from home?

Want to open a new account?

Need to transfer money?

Download the Video Banking App Today!

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Video Banking Overview

If you have a webcam and microphone available on your computer*, tablet or mobile phone, use Video Banking for all your banking needs. Click the link “START VIDEO CALL” above, test your camera and microphone, and chat with a StonehamBank Video Specialist in seconds.

Expand the browser to full screen for the best results and then select the option that best matches your needs.

To use Video Banking on a tablet or mobile phone, please download the mobile app.

Benefits of Video Banking

  • Bank securely from anywhere with the video banking service offered by StonehamBank.
  • Open new accounts, sign documents & transfer funds from other financial institutions - opening a new account is easier than ever!
  • Transfer funds internally, just like you would in a branch.


Is Video Banking Secure?

Video Banking is a secure and effective way to bank with us from the comfort of your home office, kitchen, or anywhere you happen to be when you have banking needs. Video Banking uses advanced encryption technology, prevents unauthorized access, and ensures your personal information is secure and protected.

How do I make internal transfers through Video Banking?

Visit on your computer or download the Video Banking App to your tablet or mobile device using the links shared below, and quickly start transferring funds internally with the help of a StonehamBank Video Specialist face-to-face.

What other transactions can I do using Video Banking?

Video Banking allows you to work with a StonehamBank Video Specialist to conduct all your banking needs, whether it’s to open accounts, transfer funds, or sign documents. Video Banking is nearly the same as going into a branch but from the convenience of your own home or anywhere you are.

“StonehamBank is the only bank in the area offering this type of banking. I was blown away by how easy and personal the experience was and I highly recommend it to anyone for their personal or business banking needs! Thank you also to StonehamBank for always supporting the town and the community’s needs, especially during this pandemic!”

– Satisfied Customer

*To use the Video Banking software, you must accept both video and audio capabilities on the device you are using. Note that the software is not available for use on Internet Explorer; you will need to use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or the StonehamBank Video Banking app in order to use the service.