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Ed Doherty, StonehamBank: At StonehamBank we make it our mission to give back to our community.

Roy Nagy, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Billerica: StonehamBank recently made a donation of $10,000 to Boys & Girls Club of Greater Billerica to help renovate our swimming pool office area and viewing area for the parents. Thank you so much StonehamBank!

John Linehan, Stone Zoo: Stone Zoo is proud to call Stoneham Bank a community partner for over a 100 years. With their help we have been able to provide education, employment, and entertainment for families all around to make our world a better place.

Amy Flack, Stoneham Theatre: StonehamBank's philanthropy allows our theatre to support its mission of bringing live professional productions to the people of our community at an affordable cost. Here at Stoneham Theatre we produce a mix of some well know works and some lesser known productions. It's because of Bank’s support, we’re able to keep our programming fresh and creative.

Maureen Canova, Stoneham Senior Center: Our partnership with StonehamBank has greatly impacted our Senior Center - from educating elder residents with important financial advice, to creating safer walkways for our facility.

Ed Doherty, StonehamBank: We are your neighbors, associates, customers, and friends. We are StonehamBank.

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