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VISA® Debit Card

StonehamBank’s free Visa® Debit Card is included with our suite of checking account products. Experience enhanced convenience and security when making in-person and online purchases.

If your card is lost or stolen, please call 800-236-2442.

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  • Easily and securely pay using Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay
  • View transactions on your monthly statement or via Online Banking
  • Online purchases protected though Verified by Visa
  • Zero Liability Protection
  • Avoid foreign ATM fees using Point of Sale cash back option
  • Access to 55,000+ surcharge-free Allpoint network ATMs and SUM network ATMs nationwide
  • Make purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted
  • StonehamBank offers fraud monitoring 24 hours a day to protect your card. You might be contacted via text, email and/or automated calls to verify any suspicious activity. Please make sure your account is always updated with the most current contact information so we can reach you without a delay and release any blocks that might have been placed on your card.

For a full explanation of our fees, please refer to our Fee Schedule.

Premium Alerts

Keep tabs on account activity with Premium Alerts. Notifications will be sent via email or text message to keep you up-to-date with debit card transactions.

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  • Customize which alerts you want to receive
  • Set dollar limits and thresholds
  • Receive your alerts by text message, email, or both

How to Sign up

Registration is easy!

Step 1: Log into online banking

Step 2: Click on the top link labeled "Customer Service"

Step 3: Select the option labeled "Manage Alerts"

Step 4: Setup the types of alerts you would like to receive such as Account alerts, ATM/Debit Card alerts, Bill Payment alerts, and Service alerts

Direct Deposit

Avoid the hassle of standing in line or sitting in traffic on your way to the bank. With direct deposit, you can have your paycheck automatically deposited into your StonehamBank checking, savings, or club accounts.

Night Depository

Can't make it to us during business hours? All StonehamBank branches are equipped with a secure night depository which is checked each morning Monday - Saturday.

Wire Transfer

Need to move money quickly? Securely transfer and receive payments in the U.S. with our domestic wire services provided to you from each branch location.

24 Hour Telephone Banking

Call our 24-hour Telephone Banking number to check your account balances and make transfers. Before you call, have your account number and Telephone Banking PIN ready. Follow the electronic voice instructions when prompted or use the Quick Reference Guide for faster options.

Call 800-407-6747

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Want to earn rewards each time you shop?

Receive points for StonehamBank Visa® Debit Card transactions that can be redeemed for merchandise and travel.

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